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Elon Musk Makes Major Changes to X (Twitter). What to Know

By Noah Patel
Published in Twitter
March 28, 2024
1 min read
Elon Musk Makes Major Changes to X (Twitter). What to Know

So, I was reading this article about Elon Musk and his latest moves on Twitter, and let me tell you, it was pretty wild! Basically, the dude made some major changes to the platform that got everyone talking.

First off, Musk announced that he was changing his title from CEO to “Technoking” of Tesla. Like, what even is a Technoking? Is that some kind of new job title I need to be shooting for? Sounds pretty fancy, if you ask me.

But wait, it doesn’t stop there. He also named his CFO the “Master of Coin.” I mean, who comes up with this stuff? It’s like they’re trying to turn Tesla into a Game of Thrones spinoff or something.

On top of all that, Musk revealed that Tesla now accepts Bitcoin as payment for their cars. So, if you’re in the market for a new ride and happen to have some spare cryptocurrency lying around, you’re in luck.

Overall, it seems like Musk is always shaking things up and keeping us on our toes. I gotta give the guy credit for keeping things interesting, that’s for sure. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny he’s always making headlines.

So, next time you see someone cruising down the street in a Tesla, just remember they might have paid for it with Bitcoin. The times, they are a-changin’.

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Noah Patel

Noah Patel

Cultural Anthropologist

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