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Twitter takes its algorithm ‘open-source,’ as Elon Musk promised

By Noah Patel
Published in Twitter
March 31, 2023
1 min read
Twitter takes its algorithm ‘open-source,’ as Elon Musk promised

So, I stumbled upon this article about Twitter’s algorithm going “open-source,” and it reminded me of a time when my sister tried to explain algorithms to me, and my brain just shut down.

Basically, Twitter has released its algorithm to the open-source community, as promised by Elon Musk. This means that third-party developers can now access and modify the algorithm, which determines what appears in users’ feeds and search results, among other things.

The goal is to make Twitter more transparent and give users more control over their experience on the platform. By allowing outside developers to tinker with the algorithm, Twitter is hoping to promote innovation and show that it’s serious about improving the user experience.

But, as with any major change, there are concerns about how this will impact the platform. Some worry that it could lead to even more polarization and misinformation, while others believe it could lead to new and creative uses of Twitter.

Overall, it’s an interesting development that could have a significant impact on social media as a whole. As Twitter continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how users and businesses adapt to these changes and what new opportunities will arise.

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Noah Patel

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