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Tesla Cybertruck bricked after car wash, claims user

By Ava Ramirez
Published in CyberTruck
April 22, 2024
1 min read
Tesla Cybertruck bricked after car wash, claims user

The article “Tesla Cybertruck bricked after car wash, claims user” caught my attention due to the unusual nature of the incident. The user reported that their Tesla Cybertruck was rendered inoperable after going through a car wash, leading to a debate on whether the vehicle’s design is truly waterproof.

According to the user, their Cybertruck experienced a complete shutdown after the car wash, with the screen displaying a message indicating that the vehicle was “bricked.” The user’s frustration was evident as they discussed the potential implications of such a malfunction in real-world situations.

While Tesla has not directly responded to this specific incident, the company has faced criticism in the past regarding the durability and reliability of their vehicles. Some users have raised concerns about water leakage and other issues with the Cybertruck, prompting Tesla to continuously improve its design and technology.

The story serves as a cautionary tale for Tesla owners and prospective buyers to consider the potential challenges associated with owning an innovative but still evolving vehicle like the Cybertruck. It highlights the importance of thorough research and understanding the capabilities and limitations of the latest automotive technologies before investing in them. Ultimately, incidents like these underscore the ongoing need for manufacturers to prioritize user safety and satisfaction in the ever-changing landscape of electric vehicles.

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Ava Ramirez

Ava Ramirez

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April 23, 2024
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